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Cool PHP Libraries to Use in Your Projects
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By Sayed Ahmed on 2013-08-24

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Cool PHP Libraries to Use in Your Projects

1. ShellWra
										p  Shell Wrapper: ShellWrap allows you to work 
powerful Linux/Unix command line tools in PHP through an 
easy syntax:

2. PHP Geo  Geo Location Library : For calculating 
distances between geographic coordinates with high 

3. ColorJizz-PHP  Color Manipulation Library: Can convert 
between different color formats and do simple color arithmetic.

4. HTMLPurifier  HTML XSS Protection: it protects your code from 
XSS attacks by using a combination of robust whitelists and agressive
 parsing. It also makes sure that the resulting markup is standards compliant.

5.Upload  For Handling File Uploads : Simplifies file uploading and validation. 
When a form is submitted, the library can check the type of file and size:

6.Omnipay  Payment Processing Library: A payment processing library for PHP. 
It has a clear and consistent API and supports dozens of gateways. 
With this library, you only need to learn one API and work with a variety of payment processors.

7. Gaufrette  File System Abstraction Layer: Provides a filesystem abstraction layer.
It makes it possible to work with local files, FTP servers, Amazon S3 and more in the same way.

8.Faker  Fake Data Generator: Generates fake data for you such as populating a test 
database or generate sample data for your web application.

9.Filterus  Filtering Library: Filtering library, but it can not only validate, 
but also filter input to match a preset pattern.

10. Validation  Input Validation Engine: Validation claims to be the most 
awesome validation engine ever created for PHP.

11.Ubench  Micro Benchmarking Library : Monitors execution time and memory usage.

12. Goutte  Web Scraping Library : Goutte is a library for scraping websites and extracting data.

13.Buzz  Simple HTTP Request Library: For issuing HTTP requests.

14. Requests  Easy HTTP Requests: To issue HTTP requests.

15. nappy  Snapshot/PDF Library: Allows you to take snapshots or PDFs of URLs or HTML documents.

16. ImageWorkshop  Image Manipulation with Layers : Lets you manipulate 
images with layers. With it you can resize, crop, make thumbnails, add watermarks and more.

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Cool PHP Libraries to Use in Your Projects

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